Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017

French Generals Napoleonic period

At the moment it is like Christmas, new masters from everywhere...

Today it is Massimo who sent this set of French Generals over. Of course they can be used for some other nations like for example Italians too.

Marc who ordered them has in mind to make a lot of Napoleonic commandsets in the future.
In this he included Bavarians which for me being one myself was of special interest:-)
Also such a set for the French Revolution could be.

Now take a look at Massimos work:

Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

And again new figures from Frank Ziegler - Archers for 1476 and the War of the Roses

I must say I am really impressed by Frank's outpoot in the last weeks.

Here we have the next set for his project "Gewalthaufen" of the late 15th century.

He sent me this text for the Burgundian archers. Good for fighting the Swiss and other enemies in the war of the Roses:

Die englischen Langbogenschützen Karls des Kühnen
Als Gegener für meine schweizerischen Spießknechte hier die englischen Langbogenschützen Karls des Kühnen. Neben den Bogenschützen der Ordonnanzkompanien rekrutierte Karl der Kühne Langbogenschützen aus Wales und England als Söldner. Sie wurden bei Belagerungen eingesetzt und deckten bei der Entscheidungsschlacht bei Murten zusammen mit den Bogenschützen der Garde die Flucht des Herzogs aus dem Heerlager gegen den heranstürmenden lothringische Reiterei und wurden aufgerieben.
Wie in den Schilling-Chroniken dargestellt, tragen sie, wie auch viele andere Infanteristen, ein Gambeson mit hinten spitz hochgezogenem Kragen und Puffärmeln, dazu ein einfacher Schaller oder Eisenhut. Manchmal sind übergestreifte Livrees erkennbar. Ich modellierte hier keine Livreéweste, das Burgunderkreuz war wohl mit aufgenähten roten Stoffstreifen aufgebracht.
Die Bewaffnung ist der Langbogen, ein Dolch und ein Schwert oder langes Messer. Der Köcher, ein Kegelförmiger Behälter, wurde an der Hüfte getragen, wie es die Illustrationen Schillings zeigen.
Die Pfelköcher oder Pfeilbündel sind separat modelliert, ich habe hier beide Varianten fotografiert.
The English mercenary Longbowmen of Charles the Bold
As counterpart for my swiss pikemen, there are the English mercenary longbowmen of Charles the Bold. In addition to the archers of the ordnance companies, the duke recruited mercenary longbowmen from England and Wales. They were in action at sieges and they were totaly crushed by the Lorraine cavalry at Morat 1476 when they fight beside the guardsmen to shield the getaway of the duke.
As shown in the Swiss chronicals of Schilling, they wear the padded gambeson jack with the typical pointed neckguard collar and puffed sleeves and also salets or warhats. Not all Pictures showing livery jackets, the Burgundian cross could also been applicated with fabric strips on the gambeson.
My archers have Longbows, daggers and swords, and at the hip they carry their conical quiver as shown by Schilling - alternatively I photograph them with a bundle of arrows too.
Commend from me - with Schilling he doesn't mean the manufactor of great figures, but the painter of the Murten cyclus:-)


Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2017

Bavarian airforce before WW1

Another nice little diorama in 1/72 from the Museum in Schleißheim

Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

More French for Egypt

At the moment I am very busy at work, so I have no time to do something myself. But I guess photos of new masters are always welcome.

Frank finished the next set of French. This time Grenadiers in the Kleber uniform.
Next will be a command unit for the both marching sets.

Also the Turkish cavalry is done now and when I get the first castings I will show them here and put them in the shop.

Just three sets left to cover the whole Turkish army, many British from my Indian range and early Peninsular could be used for Egypt too and now with Frank going for the French army and already the Dromedaries done by Massimo (and other sets to come) we are fast going forward to complete all armies for these campaigns.

Mittwoch, 22. November 2017

Battle of Cunaxa 401 BC

I got another mail from Frank - he really has a run at the moment...

At the campaign with Cyrus the Younger 401 BC

Now, I completed the figure scenes around the Cappadokian riders with pages, who give support by mounting the horses and by arming.

I have only the riders with the relaxed poses yet, but the horses with the battle poses will get fighting riders as well.

Freitag, 17. November 2017

British Guards at Waterloo

I am sure they could be used as other British infantry from 1812 onwards...

This is the latest set Massimo sculpted for our friend Andre and which will appear in the shop very soon.

A nice addition to all the existing British squares in my eyes. Interesting poses to defend themselves in close combat to French cavalry.