Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Every three days a new set at the moment:-) And again more Russians

It is really impressing to see how fast Massimo works at the moment. I still have a pipeline of nearly 50 sets for him to make and every month a few more collectors join our group with their wishes.

For me it is surprising that over 90% of the wishlist is about the Napoleonic period. Because of this I will go myself into other subjects after finishing the Turkish army.

But for the Napoleonic collectors this is of course good news. At the moment we are working on three ranges:

French Revolution
Peninsular war
Campaign in Russian 1812

Beside this Pieter told me he wants to complete his Dutch/Belgian army for Waterloo.

Here is the next set for 1812 - A Russian infantry command in "Action-Poses".

Samstag, 24. Juni 2017

Russian infantry reservists 1812

After the battle of Maloyaroslavets French reports mentioned a lot of Russian casualties in grey uniforms.

These were soldiers from the Reserve units which have not been able to get the regular green Russian uniform in time.

We thought these are units still missing in a Russian army of this period.

Take a look at their uniforms

And here our set for a marching attack

The second from the left was changed to the single figure in the second row of photos. Looks much better now.

Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

A Boston Hussar 1812

Our hobbyfriend Sascha asked for a Boston Hussar to round up his 1812 US army with some militia cavalry.

I thought the idea interesting as this special Hussar has a lot of differences in the Uniform to a European one in the same period.

And here is our master

Well, I think this is a nice exotic subject for a lesser known US army in the war of 1812 

Samstag, 17. Juni 2017

British artillery in the Peninsular war

Here the next set in our fast growing range of the Peninsular war. Massimo did a great job again in my eyes.

This time Jörg asked for a set of British artillery. But as usual with Jörg not in "action poses". But this time it could be used in a battle too.

Royal artillery moving their gun into position.

Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Bavarian infantry from Falcon

Raimund sent me some of his own painted figures of his range which he comissioned from Falcon a long time ago and with which he now joint us in the shop

Half my own Bavarian army consists of these figures beside the early HAT set.

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

Some new ideas for the French revolution.

Our range get's again some reinforcments.

This time it is the old Royal infantry of the early 1790ies. Here a plate from Patrice Courcelle

And here Massimo's latest masters to the subject.

Well, some French still had the tricorne. So my over 1000 painted figures from the Cuddalore diorama can be used again:-)

Another idea I have in mind since our trip to Switzerland is that the Russians looked very much like the late Prussians of around 1786.

So SYW Prussians could be useful not only for Russian troops, but also the cavalry of the SYW range can be used for the revolution too. Just put a feather on the hat.

See here from Friedrich a charge of Prussian cavalry in the SYW

And here some plates from the series of Thieme, dating 1792. Not to far away.

And we already have a lot of SYW Prussians from Rüdiger in our shop. Here for example his latest set, Cuirassiers.

Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

A Turkish napoleonic army

You know I am always of the more obscure subjects in history. While we have a lot of figures covering the Napoleonic wars most manufactors oversaw so far the Ottoman Empire.

Here a list of all the war the Ottoman Empire fought in the Napoleonic period:

1787-1792 - War against Austria and Russia
1793-1795 - Tripolitanian civil war
1798-1801 - Against France in Egypt and Syria
1801-1805 - First Barabry war (against the US)
1803          - Souliote war (against Ali Pasha of Janina = Greeks)
1803-1807 - Turks vs Mamelukes
1804-1813 - First Serbian Uprising
1806-1812 - Russo-Turkish war
1807-1809 - Anglo-Turkish war
1811-1818 - Ottoman-Saudi war
1815-1817 - Second Serbian uprising
1816          - Bombadment of Algiers
1821-1823 - Ottoman-Persian war

You see there is a lot of potential, especially in Egypt 1798/99, 1806-12 against the Russians with a lot of battles and mixing up the British in 1807.

So I decided I want to have a complete Ottoman/Turkish army for my collection. I asked my friend Ingo to sculpt me this army and gave him an order for over 60 different figures to make. The first third of this order is already done.

So far just two manufactors I know took on the subject. In the late 60ies Minifigs produces three different figures in their S-Range. While the regular infantry of the early 1800 (the Nizams) are ok, the Arabs and Syrians have just a fancy uniform. See here a photo of this figures which I took from the side of ghe Lone S-Ranger.

If these figures are interesting from you my friend John Cunningham can provide you with them.

The other manufactor who took on the subject is Newline designs

But I am sorry to say Sean that most of the figures are historically not correct. See here some samples. Still very useful figures in the range, but the Jannisarries went into my Turkish army of the 16th century

Also Tom Winterkamp once produced a set of Anatolian Spahis, but sadly I haven't got any of them for my collection. But I heard they were produced.

You can find Tom's own blog here

And here now what I have in mind for an Ottoman army. All in all  11 different sets of figures. Infantry 7-8 poses, cavalry set 2-3 figures.

I show you just the sets the masters are already done in this post.

1. Nizam I Cedit  infantry 1806 onwards

And the masters from Ingo

2. Nizam I Cedit in the early uniform of the 1790ies

3. Haleb Delhis

4. Kapikhulu Spahis

5. Artillery

I lost the photo of the masters, so here just the uniformplates.

The other sets to complete the range will be

Regular infantry (Sekbahns)
Albanians (light infantry)
Anatolian Spahis (foot)

In the end enough for a colorful Napoleonic army and after Wellington in India another of my dreams comming true.

Maybe next a Persian army to fight the Russians from 1804 to 1813? And the Ottomans 10 years later of course:-)